Saturday, January 30, 2010

Draw the Dog cartoon site...

If you have not experienced this website, you absolutely must.  Even if you are not a dog owner, the cartoons here are amazing in soooo many ways.  The site is set up so that you can watch the cartoon draw itself, all of which takes only about 30 seconds from start to finish.

Take a minute to check out Draw the Dog:   You won't want to miss one of these fun cartoons, so take the extra minute to subscribe to the daily cartoon.  Then, tell your friends!


The cartoon below is one that Bruce Kasanoff, the artist, provides for rescue groups as a way to promote dog rescue.  It's a sample of his wonderful, sensitive, perceptive work, but also reminds all of us that there are soooo many animals--dogs and cats--in shelters who need loving homes.  I'm posting it here for a couple of reasons:  it's a great example of his work, it has a definite message, and hopefully, someone will get that message and make a trip to a rescue or shelter to find a furry friend to love.  

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